European Association of Cultural Researchers e.V.

Projects (Overview)

During the first decade of its existence, the ERICarts Network (then officially named: "Scientific Council for ERICarts e.V.", later abbreviated "ECURES") carried out a number of projects in anticipation of the - gradually developing - "European Institute for Comparative Cultural Research" (ERICarts), some of them in cooperation with partner organisations. Among these studies, research conferences and publications (which were usually labelled as "ERICarts Projects" and whose concepts, activities and research teams can be found on the website of the ERICarts Institute), the following are particularly important:

1995-2004: The European Food Project (since then continued by the Balkankult Foundation)

1997-2000: Pyramid or Pillars: Unveiling the Status of Women in Arts and Media Professions in Europe (EU project)

1997 / 2001: The Culture Industries in Europe (European chapters in two reports for the German Land of NorthRhine-Westphalia)

1998-2000: Handbook of Cultural Affairs in Europe, 3rd Edition (with ZfKf and CIRCLE)

1998-2004: Compendium of Cultural Policies & Trends in Europe (run until 2017 by Council of Europe and ERICarts Institute)

1999: Reconstructing Cultural Productivity in South-East Europe (Sarajevo Conference)

1999: North-South Conference on Cultural Research and Development (Chile)

1999-2002: Creative Europe:  On the Governance and Management of Artistic Creativity in Europe (funded by the NEF network of European foundations)

2001: Creative Artists, Market Developments and State Policies in Europe

2001: All Talents Count Pilot Study on National Cultural Policies and Measures Supporting Cultural Diversity (for the INCP Working Group on Cultural Diversity and Globalisation)

2001-2003: Culture-Gates: Exposing Professional Gate-keeping Processes in Music and New Media Arts (EU project)

Following the establishment of the ERICarts Institute as a non-profit company in 2004, regular research projects have been carried out by that body. Since 2010, the Association started to oversee governance issues for the researchers' community in the context of the Council of Europe/ERICarts "Compendium" (e.g. Open Calls). At the same time, it took again a more active role in editing publications - including an interactive debate website forCultureWatch Europe (CoE) - and contributing to public debates.
In addition, members of the ERICarts Network frequently participate in research and consultancy projects of the ERICarts Institute and its partners: Such placements may be intensified in the future, thanks also to the more prominent role given to members and their specialisations on this website.