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Dimitrije Vujadinovic

Balkankulf Foundation Intereg

DIMITRIJE VUJADINOVIĆ, B. Sc of Economics, Post graduate studies of the sociology of culture at the University of Belgrade
Dimitrje Vujadinovic is the co-founder and director of Balkankult foundation Balkankult Foundation Intereg and memeber of the Journalist Independent Association of Serbia and International Federation of Journalists IFJ situated in Brussel.
He has worked as a researcher at the Institute for Cultural Reserch of Serbia. He was Special Adviser of the Minister for Curlute of Serbina in 2001..Coordinator and author of the international project Bread and Culture – The World`s Heritage, since 1998.
Some of his books: Boycott of a Better Life; Ecological Kaleidoscop; Ninth millennium goal; Private Museums in the Serbia; Personal Attitude - Articles on Cultural Policy in Serbia;Traditional Culture in Serbian Cultural Policy; Bread on 200 ways; Bread with beer; Ritual and traditional Bread in Vojvodina; Atlas - Bread Museums in Europe; Bread - a small anthology ...
Some of his research projects are: The Role of Cultural Foundation, Finds and Endowments in the SEE, Breat - Culture Heritable; Ninth millennium goal; Comparative research of Different Attitudes Towards Folklore Heritage; Small Museums in the Serbia FormedPrivate Collections; Mines of Culture - Preservation and Revalorization of Industrial Heritage; Bread Museums in Europe; Sacred Language of the Vlach Bread; Cipovka bread - Intangible Cultural Heritage; Bread in the First World War – Serbia ...
He organized the following exhibitions: Ritual and Holiday Bread; Bread on the Medieval Frescos; Posters Ulm Bread Museum; Ex-libris - Bread; Water Mills; Bread in Egypt; Wind Mills; Civilisation of Bread and Beer and the International Ex-libris competition: Bread - Cultural Heritage.
Author of more than 60 papers published in collections and periodicals of sociology, culture and ecology. Wrote many articles published in daily and weekly newspapers.

Main research fields:
  • Socio-cultural and gender studies


Balkankult Foundation Intereg