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Dimitrije Vujadinovic

Balkankulf Foundation Intereg

DIMITRIJE VUJADINOVIĆ, B. Sc of Economics, Post graduate studies of the sociology of culture at the University of Belgrade
Dimitrje Vujadinovic is the co-founder and director of Balkankult foundation Balkankult Foundation Intereg and memeber of the Journalist Independent Association of Serbia and International Federation of Journalists IFJ situated in Brussel.
He has worked as a researcher at the Institute for Cultural Reserch of Serbia. He was Special Adviser of the Minister for Curlute of Serbina in 2001.Coordinator and author of the international project Bread and Culture – The World`s Heritage, since 1998.
Main activities in the last two years: MINES OF CULTURE / Revalorization for mining heritage in the Former Yugoslavia, 2014/9 - regional project manager; HOUSE OF OF NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS IVO ANDRUC - Project: Ambient, Program and Financial Feasibility Study, 2017/8 - project manager; HEPTADEKAGON - THE GLOSSARY OF TECHNOLOGY AS ANATI-UTOPIA, 2017 - editor and co-author; RELIGION AND TECHNOLOGY: DICTIONARY OF TECHNOLOGY AS A CASE STUDY, 2018 - orgazator and participant; COLLECTIVE HEPTADEKAGON - EXHIBITION, 2018 - orgazator and participant; Trilogy of the Great War - exhibitions and publications author: BREAD IN THE GREAT WAR, 2016; SERBIAN WOMAN - HEROINE OF THE GREAT WAR, 2017, FORGOTTEN HEROES OF THE GREAT WAR, 2018

Main research fields:
  • Socio-cultural and gender studies
Institutional background:
  • Other institutions/organisations


Balkankult Foundation Intereg