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HERIWELL Inception Report published by ESPON

The HERIWELL Team - IRS+ACUME / ERICarts / AEC - is happy to announce the conclusion of the first phase of the project on cultural heritage and societal well-being, realised together with experts from across Europe (many of them members of the ERICarts Network). The Inception Report with the conceptual framework has just been published by ESPON EGTC on its website. The next phases of the research focus on investigating the most relevant societal domains where impacts of cultural heritage can be observed as well as on the methodological framework, including an in-depth study of relevant data sources. Later in 2021, a number of case studies will test the methodology and should provide insights on how different target groups on the local or regional level (including residents, tourists, migrants and minorities) are involved in activities related to both tangible and intangible heritage. The final HERIWELL report is planned for Spring 2022.

To remain updated on the development of the HERIWELL project you can sign in here or join our Supporting Partners network by completing this form. Comments or additional contributions are greatly appreciated and could also be directed to

Call for papers: The European Bread Book

"Bread Cultural Heritage" project continued

The book planned by our member Dimitrije Vujadinovic aims at collecting recipes and the cultural background of traditional breads prepared in different European regions (cf. description). In the focus of the project are regional bread specialities people are proud of because they are part of their heritage. For this purpose, original recipes for making bread, rolls and cakes from bread dough and their “cultural identity cards” are being collected.

Managing Culture - Reflecting on Exchange in Global Times

The book (Palgrave MacMillan, 2020), edited by Victoria Durrer and ERICarts member Raphaela Henze with contributions from Germany, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Serbia, Taiwan, the UK and USA, investigates the relationship between arts / cultural management and cultural rights on a global scale. New forms of exchange take place through the development and administration of project activities as well as through teaching and learning within higher education and cultural institutions. More information

Women and Memory: The Fight Against Oblivion and Invisibility

bid. Textos universitarios de biblioteconomia i documentació

The objective of this monographic issue is to explore how memory has been managed throughout history in a gender and cultural diversity perspective. We are therefore calling for papers that study, preserve, research, disseminate, underline and enhance collective memory in a gender perspective. Another goal is to reflect on the significance and impact of gender mainstreaming in approaches to collective memory, focusing on cultural interventions that have highlighted women’s contributions to a country’s heritage and culture both at a national level or in other contexts,  and that have therefore promoted its diversity.

The monograph is coordinated by Remei Perpinyà (UAB) and Anna Villarroya (UB) and the deadline for receiving originals is 1 December 2019.

You can find all information here:


Message from Anna Villarroya


New handbook on culture & human rights

In 2013, ECURES experts stood at the cradle (see below) of this basic dictionary, just published by De Gruyter and ARCult Media. The handbook with 130 articles written by 96 authors has been presented on 14 November 2016 in Wroclaw. More

The latest books of Lidia Varbanova at Routledge:

'International Entrepreneurship in the Arts' (2017) and 'Strategic Management in the Arts' (2013)

Message from Lidia Varbanova


Can we keep focus on the creative process, or do we gothe market takes us?

Presenter and author for the Culture Shift: Creative Leadership in Action, Antwerp, 2014.

A link to the text of the article that was subsequently published is

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The Word's the Thing

Literature and Publishing - canaries in the cage of the creative economy

An article published in Arts Professional in 2015.  The text of the article is here:

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Bridging Culture and Regeneration

A commentary

A paper published by SURF (Scotland’s Independent Regeneration Network) in February 2015. 

Text can be found here:

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Human Being Creative: making arts and healthcare collaborations work

Lateral Thinking, the value of collaboration between the arts, health and environment Conference – 9th April, 2015, Glasgow

An outline of the presentation can be found here

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