European Association of Cultural Researchers e.V.

Board of the Association

Current Board members, following the election at the last Assembly in Paris, June 2019:

Management: Anna Villaroya, Ulrike Blumenreich and Olivier Goebel function as Executive Board since 28 November 2023, following the retirement of Andreas Wiesand,

Board members + SG in Paris 2019 (missing on the picture: K. Chainoglou and D. Haselbach)

Former Board Members since 1993: Angela Atzori (Padova), Ugo Bacchella (Torino), Els Baeten (Leuven), Carla Bodo (Rome), Llui­s Bonet (Barcelona), Aleksandar Brkic (Singapore), Vesna Copic (Ljubljana), Dorota Ilczuk (Warsaw), Dominique Leroy (Amiens), Ralph Kellenberger (St. Gallen), Jaka Primorac (Zagreb), Veronika Ratzenböck (Vienna)*, Kiril Razlogov (Moscow)*, Alexandr Rubinstein (Moscow), Hermann Schwengel (Freiburg), Vladimir Skok (Ottawa), Joost Smiers (Utrecht), Goran Tomka (Novi Sad), Elka Tschernokoshewa (Dresden), Dimitrije Vujadinovic (Belgrade), Andreas Wiesand (Bonn).
*) as Members of a "Transitory Board" overseeing the division of labour phase 2002/3, before the official establishment of the ERICarts Institute gGmbH took place in 2004.