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Cristina Farinha

Culture and creative sector policy expert

Cristina Farinha is a policy adviser, PhD and Associated Researcher at the Sociology Institute University Porto, Portugal, specialised in culture and creative economy. She workslocal and regional to European level with diverse institutions and networks as the European Commission, UNESCO, European Cultural Foundation, European Festivals Association and Asia-Europe Foundation, among others.
Interested in cultural policies, notably the strengthening of the role of culture in governance and development; the promotion of international cultural cooperation and mobility; and the development of capacity building and networking within the culture and creative sector.
She has acted as the Executive Director of ADDICT - Creative Industries Portugal between April 2012 - March 2016.
Currently she is: Lecturer in the MA of Management in Creative Industries, at the School of the Arts – Catholic University, Porto; Member of the Monitoring and Selection Jury Committee of European Capitals of Culture on behalf of the European Parliament; representative of the Portuguese Ministry of Culture on the EU OMC group on Culture and Creative Sector Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Main research fields:
  • Cultural policies / arts administration
  • Economics / creative industries
  • European cooperation / integration
  • Internat. relations / cult. diplomacy
  • Impact studies / evaluation
  • Management / marketing
  • Perform. arts (music, theatre, dance)
  • Sociology / anthropology
Institutional background:
  • Consultancies
  • European networks/advocacy bodies (NGOs)
  • Freelance researchers
  • Independent research institutes/Observatories
  • Professional organisations or institutions
  • Universities/Academic institutes