European Association of Cultural Researchers e.V.

Marielle Hendriks

Until Nov. 2018 Director of the Boekman Foundation - an independent research centre for arts and culture, based in Amsterdam. Now: Director of the Erfgoedhuis Zuid-Holland, the centre of expertise for heritage in Delft.

In recent years she was deeply involved in the development of the "Arts Index Netherlands", in co-operation with The Netherlands Institute for Social Research SCP. This 'vitality barometer' offers in-dept insights in the fields of consumer behaviours, employment, financial flows, organisational structures and public support for arts and culture in the Dutch society. As well, she had been the responsible manager for the transformation of the "Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends" into an independent Dutch association.

Main research fields:
  • Cultural policies / arts administration
  • Documentation / archives
  • Economics / creative industries
  • Empirical methods / statistics
  • European cooperation / integration
  • Heritage / history
  • Urban & regional studies
Institutional background:
  • Arts and heritage institutions
  • Independent research institutes/Observatories
  • Professional organisations or institutions
  • Regional or local public bodies


Erfgoedhuis Zuid-Holland
Oude Delft 116
2611 CG