European Association of Cultural Researchers e.V.

HERIWELL: Heritage and societal well-being

ERICarts successful in an EU tender

Spring 2020: A European consortium - ERICarts with Italy-based IRS (project leader), AEC and ACUME - has won the tender for a 2-year investigation on "Cultural heritage as a source of societal well-being in European regions" (short: HERIWELL). A first overview highlights the dimensions of this large-scale project, which has been issued by ESPON EGTC and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Over 40 thematic or country experts and other European specialists - the majority of them from the ERICarts Network - will be involved. The main goal is the development of a pan-European methodology and territorial analysis of impacts of cultural heritage that can be associated with "societal well-being", including but not limited to quality of life, social inclusion and educational benefits. COVID-19 effects will be taken into account in the study. The Board of the European Association of Cultural Researchers (ERICarts Network) decided that its Institute will manage the ERICarts part of project, starting with Task 1: Development of a conceptional framework. We will keep you informed about important steps or results and would appreciate to learn more about your views or experiences regarding this topic.