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“Mines of Culture” is a project of multilateral, international, interdisciplinary collaboration launched in 2013 by the Association “Labin Art Express XXI”, Labin (Croatia). A project publication has been edited by ERICarts member Dimitrije Vujadinovic.
In the period from 2013 to 2016, the project was implemented in cooperation with partners from Croatia (Association “Polygon”, Zagreb); Bosnia and Herzegovina (Association “Manifest”, Prijedor and Public Company “Turizam Banovići”); Montenegro (NGO “Tera Nostra”, Mojkovac); Serbia (Foundation “Balkankult intereg”, Irig; Association “REMONT”, Belgrade and “Sound & Vision”, Majdanpek); Slovenia (Public Institutions “Idrija Heritage Center” and “DDT”, Trbolje; Association “Loke studio”, Zagorje ob Savi); North-Macedonia (Association “Kult-Tranzen”, Strumica); Kosovo (Association “Kosovo in Movement”). The final result was the establishment of an international association “Mines of Culture – Regional Cooperation Platform” for revaluation, protection and revitalization of valuable mining heritage in the countries of the former Yugoslavia. In the next phase (2016-2020) the main objective of the project is further development and expansion of the project to other SEE countries, establishment of a European Co-operative Platform and Cultural Route “Mines of Culture” as well as the initiation and implementation of joint projects related to exploitation of mining and industrial heritage as new cultural and creative industries in Southeast Europe. In 2017, the first project activities, including the exhibition tour “Mines of Culture”, were held in Albania in cooperation with the association “Qendra URA”, and in 2018 in Romania in cooperation with the public company “Salina Turda”. Moreover, a second expanded edition of the “Mines of Culture” monograph was also published in English, a documentary video about the project was completed, and the initial proposal of the Mining Heritage Route is being developed as European Cultural Route. Through the advocacy activities and the exchange of knowledge, experiences and good practices, as well as lectures, workshops, public forums,… as well as promotional activities, web portal and social networks, the project has so far communicated to tens of thousands of citizens, primarily in former mining sites in all the countries of the former Yugoslavia and beyond. This year the project activities will focus on Poland and / or the Czech Republic.