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Media researchers to meet in Moscow, March 2019

Our member Elka Tchernokojeva recommends: On March 26-29 2019, the STATE INSTITUTE OF ARTS AND GITR FILM AND TELEVISION SCHOOL organizes a 4-day international forum in Moscow on the topic OLD AND NEW MEDIA: WAYS TO NEW AESTHETICS.

The purpose of the forum is to consider the process of formation and development of media as intermediaries between a work of art and a person and their influence on the languages of art.

The forum will discuss the following topics:

Mirrors, screens, fractals;

From the catoptric theater of the XVII century to augmented reality: the transformation of aesthetic perception;

Screen art in a sociocultural context;

Cinema and television in search of their identity;

Digital art, network art  approaches to the new typology of screen arts;

The evolution of media and art: the aesthetic aspect;

Network man and art.

The forum materials will be published in the periodical research journal “The Art and Science of Television"

Invited are:

Art historians; philosophers; philologists; sociologists; psychologists; cultural scientists; curators.

Scheduled duration of a single report up to 20 minutes. There will be an opportunity to display video and audio illustrations.


Applications with the designation of the topic of the report or message, a brief annotation, indicating the place of work, position, academic degree and academic title should be sent before March 15, 2019 to the address:

Don't forget to give your name and patronymic completely!

Participation in the forum is free. Travel and accommodation due to the directing side.